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Explore the Splash with us

Join Pancho the Iguana on an unforgettable journey where innovation meets adventure on board our 40 ft amphibious bus, with a maximum capacity of 33 persons. What sets this experience apart is the bus's ability to transform into a boat seamlessly. Imagine the fascination of gliding into the water, all while staying comfortably seated, as the landscape transitions from bustling streets to tranquil waters, offering a unique perspective on the natural and urban beauty that surrounds us. This seamless transition from land to sea, without the need to switch vehicles, provides a smooth and unparalleled experience, making every tour with Splashy Iguana Tours not just a trip, but a story to tell.

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Draude A

Very informative, fun, entertaining and enjoyable.
Safety and rules are explained from the beginning, giving you as passenger that safe feeling.
It was a relaxed ride

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Draude A

I loved touring by land and by sea, learning about the island, its people and history. It was a relaxing experience to drift on the water and appreciate the scenery. But, I loved our tour guide Ziza even more! She was so engaging and welcoming. Definitely recommend!

Qiana S W

Screenshot 2024-07-23 122315.png

Tour guides, Elliott, Papito and Broertje (so cute) were amazing and very informative. They made the trip fun! Music and scenery was amazing 👏

Renee M

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FROM $43.00

Our Curacao Splashy Iguana amphibious bus tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime journey through spectacular landmarks on the streets and in the beautiful ‘Spaanse Water'. Enjoy a highly entertaining experience while learning fascinating historical tidbits.

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